Giantmix FT

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Agitator which is horizontally and vertically adjustable up to +/- 30°

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Technical data

Giantmix Type 
FT4 FT4 
FT5 FT5 
Propeller speed [rpm] 240 330 330 480 330 480 480
Rated power [hp]
10  15 20 20 25 25 30
Frequency [Hz]
Propeller [mm]
800 660 750 540 780 480 620
Thermal protection  PTC 160°C
Ex-Zone 2

More product information

The Giantmix FT is the advanced development of the Giantmix FR.

The agitator can be inclined horizontally and vertically up to ± 30°. Vertical adjustment by hydraulic unit and lateral adjustment by hand spindle are standard.

Installation depth:
The unique sealing system allows for installation up to 26' below substrate level retaining full swivelling range. Deeper depths on request. The flexible tube leadthrough gets sealed by 2 EPDM sealing membranes (inside and outside) and the special SUMA sealing system.

Optional PTO drive:
The Giantmix FT can alternatively be tractor-driven by using an optional protective device. All agitators of the type Giantmix FT are available with PTO connection and without motor. 

Application example

Versions / Details

Closed Tank

SUMA Giantmix FT Giantmix FT5 Rührgigant FT

Steel Tank

Closed Lagoon

Suitable for following tanks

Closed Tank Tank concrete Top Steel Tank Closed Lagoon

Suitable for