SUMA agitation technology




SUMA propeller

540 different versions and definetly one that fits for your needs

Propeller size and angle of the blades determine performance of the mixer.

In SUMA's own test basin flow velocity, axial force and power consumption are measured under real conditions and compared to CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulations. The data collected is applied to improve propeller designs which lead to shorter mixing periods, less wear on the system, reduced power consumption and result in better economic output.

New propeller designs can be retrofitted on older SUMA agitators and mixers.

Depending on the application, direction of rotation and thrust and available power you can choose from a variety of 540 high performance propellers.


High performance propeller (HD+)

SUMA Rührflügel HD

Push propeller (D)

SUMA Rührflügel Druckflügel

Suction propeller (S)

SUMA Rührflügel Saugflügel