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Our history

SUMA Gewerbeanmeldung 1957

First official business registration was made as a "Workshop for the development, production, and repair of electrical and mechanical equipment, machinery and equipment" by Gerhard Thürwächter in Kühbach/Germany.

SUMA Haus in Kühbach

SUMA Zeichnung erstes Elektrorührwerk Rekordmix

Start of construction of agitators and hand-carts. This included the development of the first electric agitator, the Rekordmix (see picture below). During this first year, farmer Clemens Merk joined the company.
A few years later, the company, manufacturing agitators, had its first customers in the Netherlands, England, Ireland and Norway.

SUMA Werbung erstes Elektrorührwerk Rekordmix

The 2nd generation of Rekordmix was put on the market, the Rekordmix B. Shown is the oldest traceable advertising for SUMA agitators.

Expansion of the company: The headquarters moved to an old farmhouse in the village of Sulzberg/Germany. The barn was converted to the workshop and now provided space for 15 skilled workers. During this time, Clemens Merk left the company.

Gerhard Thürwächter developed the first tractor driven mixer, the "Giantmix".

The company is renamed "Thürwächter Sondermaschinen GmbH" .Shortly thereafter, came the first major order for 800 electric motors. 20% of annual production is exported.

The construction of corporate buildings in the commercial area of Sulzberg is started. With a market share of 70-80 %, the Thürwächter Sondermaschinen GmbH has taken a leading role. The move to the new facility took place in 1976.

Development of the first Tower Mixers.

Development of Giantmix SG as an alternative to the submersible mixers of other companies.

Construction of combined agitators.

Dipl Ing (FH) Paul Thürwächter joined the company. He was appointed Managing Director in 1993 and in 1998 he acquired the assets of the company from his father.

The company has grown to approximately 25 employees.

Improvement of the agitators and design of new products.
Expansion to America through SUMA America Inc. as legal entity.

Foundation of the subsidiary BRASUMA Ltda.

50th anniversary of the SUMA Sondermaschinen GmbH & Co. KG. On 28.12.2007 the company was renamed SUMA Rührtechnik GmbH.

SUMA celebrates 60th anniversary

The export share has risen to over 60%. In the meantime, the company has sold about 90,000 agitators in 54 countries.

SUMA expands its agitator technology portfolio with the new PRESSURA pump range.
Inauguration of the new assembly hall with office complex at the headquarters in Germany.