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Agitators for Biogas and Agriculture

Welcome to SUMA, your provider for agitators and mixers, specifically designed for biogas plants, liquid manure tanks and lagoons. We have been delivering mixing solutions for more than 60 years to the agriculture, biogas, manure and waste water industries. Our Knowledge and exclusive technology combined with our practical expertise enables SUMA to optimize and deliver custom solutions for your business. SUMA technology and expertise leads to efficient liquid manure management and reliable biogas yields


05/11/2018 Energy Decentral: International trade fair for innovative energy supply
SUMA will be exhibiting at the EnergyDecentral/Euro Tier in Hanover, Germany (13 - 16 November). In addition to the new Giantmix FR Light, SUMA will be presenting more highlights from the wide range of submersible motors and agitators for the biogas and industrial sector. further information

01/08/2018 New Sales Engineer
From now on we have a new sales representative for the North American and Canadian market. Chris Booth is your new contact person on site. Contact him directly by mail or telephone and let him advise you. further information

23/07/2018 Compact agitator with a versatile application spectrum
The latest development from SUMA is specially designed for concrete or steel tanks with an almost constant substrate level. The Giantmix FR Light is a reliable agitator for homogenizing and stirring, which can be used flexibly and is suitable for many applications. further information

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Customer satisfaction through consistent quality

Since 1957 SUMA has installed more than 90,000 agitators in 60 countries. The internationally collected experience is continuously applied at our German headquarters and used in worldwide projects. Highest quality and reliability are the foundation of our success and your benefit.
Design, engineering and manufacturing is located in Sulzberg, Bavaria (in the foothills of the German Alps where dairy farms have been operating for centuries).


Our products are built for a long service life with quick and easy maintenance in mind. Our engineering and design reduces life cycle costs and increases yields

Customized Solutions

Our mixers are suitable for biogas, agricultural or industrial plants and can be operated electrically or in the agricultural sector by tractor/PTO.

Our products are designed to optimize the conditions in your biogas tanks resulting in improved output.
Ideal conditions for propagating methane bacteria are between 98.6 F and 107.6 F.

Both our rod agitators and submerged systems facilitate optimal temperature distribution throughout the tank. Optimal conditions lead to higher process stability and biogas production.
Additionally, SUMA agitators ensure fermentation as well as distribution of nutrients and vitamins for the supply of microorganisms.
Our standard products are used at pH levels between 5.5 and 8.5. Contact us for special applications.
Our constantly growing team of experts takes pleasure in providing the best solutions for your requirements.

Made in Germany

Our in-house engineering department develops and designs all agitators. Our own state of the art testing facility provides empiric data on propeller performance which is used to optimize geometries.
The flow simulations can also be used for planning your future plant and for establishing the best possible positioning of the agitators.
Furthermore, the engineering department supplies data sheets including installation information on request, with the aid of this data it is possible to get important information about the products in advance.
Customer support is our top priority. SUMA engineers are involved in every project and work closely with your project managers to accomplish the best possible solution. Nothing is left to chance – from drafting first plans through finalizing the technical solution and through production to installation.
Should you choose to install yourself or have a third party perform this service for you, we provide upon request, illustrated and step-by-step installation manuals that will guide you through the process flawlessly. Currently the manuals are available in German and English.
Of course our trained and experienced service team will install SUMA agitators worldwide.

Experience goes international

Since the late 1950's when the first agitators for manure were invented, SUMA has consistently pioneered the industry. With the development of first electric agitators SUMA has entered the world stage of substrate mixing. Our focus on innovation and highest quality are recognized worldwide and are the foundation of our global success. Headquartered in Bavaria, Germany, SUMA has subsidiaries in Brazil and the USA.
In keeping with our claim "Others mix – we solve." we would like to make stirring and mixing as simple as possible for you.
With us at your side you will stay on the road to success.