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Pressura TP

Stirring, mixing, homogenising, pumping, filling

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Technical data

Nominal power [kW] 15.0
Rotation speed [rpm] 1,765
Max. pumping rate [m3/h] 335
Total head [ft] 74
Power factor cos φ 0.86

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The submersible pump Pressura TP 150 has a nominal power of 15.0 kW. It can be used for homogenising, stirring, pumping and filling liquid manure and other media. The pump's conveying and stirring functions enable a smooth pumping process.
For mounting SUMA uses the proven suspension mounting system EV3 with 100 x 100 mm mast. The height adjustment is made by means of a cable winch. The pump can be swivelled horizontally by ± 60°.

In the stirring setting, the medium can thus be stirred at the desired position. The substrate is ideally mixed before pumping. Floating and sinking layers are dissolved.

In the pumping setting, the submersible motor pump is completely drained and transports the medium via the conveyor pipe to the conveying outlet.

For aggressive media, the Pressura TP 150 is available in a version completely made of stainless steel.

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PRESSURA TP 150 - Rührfunktion

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