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PRESSURA - Pumping is easy

With our range of pumps we offer a perfectly matched system of agitator and pump for stirring, mixing, homogenising, pumping and filling from one hand. In doing so, not only do we meet the requirements for reliable pump technology, but also set new standards. PRESSURA is available as a long-shaft pump and submersible pump. The slurry pumps are available in various designs. Thanks to the extensive range of accessories, you will find the right solution for your application.

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SUMA PRESSURA - pumping is easy

The SUMA among pumps

Innovation and the quest for the perfect solution: PRESSURA complements the existing portfolio optimally.

You can rely on:

  • Proven SUMA quality
  • Maximum durability
  • Easy handling
  • Energy-efficient operation
  • Perfectly matched system of pump and agitator from one hand


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The PRESSURA pumps are available as long shaft pumps or submersible pumps. You can rely on the familiar SUMA quality, durability and easy handling.