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To date, more than 100,000 agitators have been sold in over 64 countries worldwide. Get an insight.

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Oberstdorf, Germany

At 5,775 ft, the GIANTMIX Z3 stirs up slurry from around 70 dairy cows on Germany´s highest alpine pasture.


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Cremona, Italy

Cattle manure and by-products from agriculture and oilseed production are homogenized daily in a pre-pit and a digester.


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La Seguinière, France

54,000 tons of residual materials are stirred up annually in this biogas plant. Per hour, 160 Nmof  methane are produced, which is used for feeding into the natural gas distribution network.

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Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine

Eight SUMA submersible mixers are installed in this 27 MW biogas plant, among others. The substrate consists of sugar beet pulp, corn silage, straw and grain residues.

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Maine, USA


In two stainless steel digesters with capacities of 396,258 gal and 2,192628 gal four SUMA agitators mix slurry from more than 1,000 dairy cows as well as food waste. 

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Qingdao, China

In a total of six steel tanks, one rod agitator and one submersible agitator each stir up highly abrasive corn straw without any problems.

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North Goa, India

The biogas plant is part of a landfill. Food scraps are used to produce biogas. The plant supplies 1,372 megawatts.

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