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Your Advantages

Most experience in anaerobic digestion market

  • Mixer designs started over 60 years ago for manure management
  • SUMA moved into biogas market at its inception in Europe and grew with the market.
  • Approximately 25% of the 7,500+ digester installations in Germany have SUMA mixers
  • SUMA mixers are in successful operation in digesters in 20 other European countries, as well as Turkey, Japan, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, Canada and the United States
  • SUMA delivers 1,500 to 2,000 mixers annually with almost all going to anaerobic digesters or directly related applications.

Higher efficiency, "high speed" mixers

  • SUMA HD+ propellers are 25 to 30% more efficient than previous designs.
  • Use of SUMA HD+ propellers allow same mixing with less power or, with larger diameter propellers, more mixing for the old power consumption.

New SUMA Optimix 2G 90-90

  • Large diameter (55 inch) slow speed mixer for circulation with minimal power.
  • 3 Blade propeller with unique blade shape provides:
    • Highest mixing efficiency
    • Smooth, vibration free operation
    • Steel blades standard with hardened stainless or carbon steel as options.
  • Development included careful measurement of all forces generated and their effects on mixer, support components and tank structure.

Better design features for all SUMA submersible mixers

  • Oil filled motors for optimal heat removal from windings & lubrication of motor bearings
  • Use of 4 pole motors with high power factors for lowest current draw & heat generation in windings for any given kW compared to high pole motors without gearbox.
  • Planetary reducers with large oil capacity and full synthetic oil, extending oil change intervals
  • All SUMA mixers use a unique "drive head."
    • Drive head has its own oil volume.
    • All radial and thrust loads from the propeller are taken by two massive tapered roller bearings and transmitted to the mixer housing and then the mast.
    • The drive (motor and reducer) sees only torque.
  • The mechanical seal with SiC seal faces is against the outboard tapered roller bearing
    • Very small seal deflection insured.
    • Seal springs to oil and not mixed fluid, eliminating chance of springs becoming jammed by crud.

Strong support in North America

  • Parts and mixer inventories in both the US (IL) and Canada (ON)
  • Extensive inventory carried at factory
  • Multiple service partners across US and Canada