Advantages SUMA mixers




Most experience in anaerobic digestion market

  • Mixer designs started over 60 years ago for manure management
  • SUMA moved into biogas market at its inception in Europe and grew with the market.
  • Approximately 25% of the 7,500+ digester installations in Germany have SUMA mixers
  • SUMA mixers are in successful operation in digesters in 20 other European countries, as well as Turkey, Japan, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, Canada and the United States and many more
  • SUMA delivers 1,500 to 2,000 mixers annually with the majority going to anaerobic digesters or directly related applications.

Higher efficiency, "high speed" mixers

  • SUMA HD+ propellers are 25 to 30% more efficient than previous designs.
  • Use of SUMA HD+ propellers allow same mixing results with less power or, with larger diameter propellers, more mixing for the previous power consumption.

Better design features for all SUMA submersible mixers

  • Oil filled motors for optimal temperature management & and lubrication of motor bearings
  • Use of 4 pole motors with high power factors for lowest current draw & heat generation in windings for any performance compared to high pole motors without gearbox.
  • Planetary reducers with large oil capacity using synthetic oil, extending oil change intervals
  • All SUMA mixers use a unique "drive head."
    • Drive head has its own oil volume.
    • All radial and thrust loads from the propeller are absorbed by two massive tapered roller bearings and transmitted to the mixer housing and then to the mast.
    • Torque is only force on the drive train.
  • The mechanical SiC/SiC seal faces against the outboard tapered roller bearing
    • Very small seal deflection insured.
    • Seal springs to oil and not mixed fluid, eliminating chance of springs becoming jammed by dirt, residue build up.

Strong support in North America

  • Parts and mixer inventories in both the US (IL) and Canada (ON)
  • Extensive inventory carried at factory
  • Multiple service partners across USA and Canada