Suspension mounting frame EV3

For plugging onto the wall and for a 13 - 40 ft tank height
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More details and information about the Suspension mounting frame EV3

Technical data

  • For use with all OPTIMIX submerged agitators from the series and all power ratings
  • Lateral swivel range +/- 60°
  • Floor pivot, wall mount and lifting cable in stainless 304
  • Winch galvanized
  • SUMA 4-roller guide system

More product information

For open and closed tanks are different mounting devices available. The EV3 is suitable for plugging onto the wall and for a 13 - 40 ft container height. Through the rope winch the optimised stirring depth can be adjusted fast and easy. Also, the agitator can be horizontally adjusted up to +/- 60°.

The guide mast is available in the sizes 4 and 6 inch and in ss304. Also the EV3 is completely in stainless 304.

Through hoisting of the agitator, a fast and easy maintenance is possible because the substrate doesn't need to get drained off and no one needs to descend into the tank.

The whole OPTIMIX series are suitable for the EV3.

Application example

Open Tank

Open Lagoon

Einhängevorrichtung_EV3_Tauchmotor Optimix 3G Einhängevorrichtung_EV3_Tauchmotor Optimix 3G

Suitable for following tanks

Open Tank Steel Tank Open Lagoon

Suitable for