Our tractor-driven solution for your manure pit
Flyer Giantmix Z6

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Technical data

  • 2 tapered roller bearings to absorb the axial forces
  • Conical shaft Ø 2.4'' (hardened)
  • Sealing with mechanical seal SiC/SiC
  • Bearing head with own oil circulation
  • Three-point-frame (cat. 3) with 2 hydraulic cylinders for vertical adjustment, max. 45°
  • Agitator completely in modular design
  • Support leg made of rounded pipe profile

More product information

Long-axis agitator for agitation in open tanks and lagoons up to 23' depth

Optimized stirring result:
Our tractor driven agitator Giantmix Z6 is characterized by easy handling, quiet operation and high mixing performance. 

Easy maintenance:
Thanks to the modular design an easy access to all of the built components is possible.

Delivery scope:
SUMA agitators are delivered completely ready for use with drive, universal frame, tube drive shaft (Stub shaft), propeller with scraper and brace.

Application example

Versions / Details

Open Tank

Open Lagoon

Suitable for following tanks

Open Tank Open Lagoon

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