Submersible motor for higher performance requirements

More details and information about the OPTIMIX 3G

Technical data

Optimix 3G
Rated Power 33.5 hp
Propeller speed (60 Hz) 325 rpm
Thermal sensor PTC 130°C
Ex-Zone 2



More product information

We offer the OPTIMIX 3G with 35.5 hp for higher performance requirements with maximum thrust.

For substrates with low pH-values and operations in extreme aggressive media the OPTIMIX is available completely assembled in stainless steel.

Galvanic isolation:
The SUMA-guide mast support with 4 rollers and POM-slide rails guarantee a perfect sliding on the mast and furthermore a galvanic isolation between the mast and the agitator.

Optimized stirring result:
The 3 separated oil chambers for motor, gear and bearing housing ensure a proper stirring. Longlife oil with a longer oil changing interval is used for the gear and the bearing housing.

Sealing system:
The sealing is made through the mechanical SiC/SiC seal within the bearing housing.

Control box:
There are delta-star-operating-switches for a manually operation or time-controlled SUMA-soft start control available. All agitators can be managed over an external frequency converter.

Application example

Steel Tank

Tauchmotor Rührwerk Optimix 3G

Closed Lagoon

Tauchmotor Rührwerk Optimix 3G Tauchmotor Rührwerk Optimix 3G Tauchmotor Rührwerk Optimix 3G

Suitable for following tanks

Closed Tank Tank concrete Top Open Tank Steel Tank Open Lagoon Closed Lagoon

Suitable for