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OPTIMIX 2G 90 - 90

For the reliable stirring operation and maintaining the stream

More details and information about the OPTIMIX 2G 90 - 90

Technical data

  2G 90 - 90 2G 40 - 60
Rated power 12 hp 5 hp
propeller speed

90 rpm

60 rpm
Thermal protection PTC 130°C
Explosion protection zone Ex-Zone 2

More product information

The streamlined design ensures better heat distribution in substrates with temperatures up to 55°C / 131 F.

Flow preservation:
The Optimix 2G 90 – 90 with its specially designed large propeller and slow speed ensures consistant flow in the tank.

The robust planetary gear has its own oil circuit with an extended oil change interval of 12,000 operational hours.

Galvanic isolation:
The SUMA 4-roller guide system serves as galvanic isolation between the guiding mast and the agitator. The ss316 rope is also isolated to the submersible motor through a special socket.

Cable guiding system:
Special cable clips hold the electric cable behind the mast and prevent interference with the propeller during operations. the connection cable is guided behind the mast that there is no possibility for the cable to reach the propeller and a safe stirring operation can be ensured.

The propeller is a 3-bladed LT 1400 propeller. Depending on the type of substrate you can choose from galvanized, stainless steel or propellers made from hardened steel. Thanks to a large propeller diameter a high thrust is achieved.


Application example

Closed Tank

Tauchmotor Rührwerk Optimix 2G 90-75

Tank concrete Top

Tauchmotor Rührwerk Optimix 2G 90-75

Open Tank

Tauchmotor Rührwerk Optimix 2G 90-75

Steel Tank

OPTIMIX 2G 90-75 Tauchmotor Rührwerk Optimix 2G 90-75

Open Lagoon

Tauchmotor Rührwerk Optimix 2G 90-75

Closed Lagoon

Tauchmotor Rührwerk Optimix 2G 90-75

Suitable for following tanks

Closed Tank Tank concrete Top Open Tank Steel Tank Open Lagoon Closed Lagoon

Suitable for