Suspension mounting frame EV3 light

For open concrete tanks

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Technical data

  • Suitable for: OPTIMIX 2A 8-880 / 2A 15-880 / 22-880
  • Horizontal adjustment up to +/- 60°
  • Base frame and wall support in ss304
  • Mast: 2.3" in ss316, 3.15" in ss304 or ss316
  • Rope winch in ss304 (max. stain relief 250 kg) with ss316 rope Ø 0.24"
  • Optional: Rope winch in ss304 (max. strain relief 900 kg)

More product information

Suspension mounting frame for open concrete tanks (not gastight).
Installation depth:
The EV3 light is suitable for tanks with up to 7 m height.

The optimal stirring depth can be adjusted by the stainless steel cable winch.
In addition, the agitator can be swivelled laterally up to ± 60° at any height.

Guiding system:
The ss316 guide mast is available in the size 2.3", 3.15" in ss304 or ss316

Easy maintenance:
By pulling up the agitator, quick and easy maintenance is possible. The substrate does not need to be drained separately. It is also not necessary to enter the tank.

The cable winch is also available in a ss304 version with a maximum strain relief of 900 kg.

The suspension mounting frame EV3 light ist suitable for the OPTIMIX 2A 8-880 / 2A 15-880 / 2A 22-880 series.

Application example

Open Tank

Suitable for following tanks

Open Tank

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