Giantmix Z5

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Our tractor-driven agitator for your manure pit

More details and informations about the Giantmix Z5

Technical data

  • Pipe Ø 6.25 x 0.25 in, galvanized
  • Pipe lengths from 20 to 26 ft
  • Propeller Ø 23 - 27.5 in
  • For tractor power 120 - 218 HP

More product informations

Our tractor driven agitator Giantmix Z5 is characterized by easy handling, quiet operation and high mixing performance. 
Thanks to the modular design is a simple Access to all of the built Components possible. SUMA Material agitators are completely ready for use supplied with drive, universal frame, Tube drive shaft (Stub shaft), propeller with scraper and rest.

Bearing housing seals with mechanical seals, SiC / SiC, and protection rings for lagoon applications, hydraulic cylinders for folding suspension and drive shafts for covered pits.

Application example

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