Giantmix BG2

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Especially designed for biogas lagoons

More details and informations about the Giantmix BG2

Technical data

  • Ex-motor with 13.6 HP (380 rpm)
  • Tube diameter 4 in in ss304 or ss316
  • Wall thickness 0.16 / 0.22 in
  • Spur gear
  • Protective bar and support bracket
  • Like Rekordmix B1

More product informations

The Giantmix BG2 has been specially developed for biogas plants built around a large covered lagoon. Retro-fitting is also possible.
The Giantmix BG2serves to optimize the biological process by:
preventing floating and sinking substrate layers
ensuring that the substrate maintains an equal temperature throughout
distributing nutrients for the biological process homogeneously
enabling more efficient gas flow out of the substrate mass
Shaft unit with electric motor, shaft tube with bearing and sealing unit of low-maintenance modular construction.
All important components are manufactured in stainless steel. To protect the gas storage membrane inside the bay, the propeller is fitted with a protective ring. An oil reservoir serves the lubrication and the maintenance indicator.

A mounting bracket for securing the unit to the foundation is included within the scope of delivery.
Height of the unit is set at the frame. A rubber sealing membrane, secured by a metal ring fastened to the membrane ensures a gas-tight installation. Through the rubber seal, the agitator unit is mechanically separated from the gas membrane to prevent ripping and tearing of the membrane.

Application example

Steel Tank

Rührwerk Rührgigant BG2 Rührwerk Rührgigant BG2 Rührwerk Rührgigant BG2

Open Lagoon

Rührwerk Rührgigant BG2 Rührwerk Rührgigant BG2

Closed Lagoon

Rührwerk Rührgigant BG2 Rührwerk Rührgigant BG2

Suitable for following tanks

Steel Tank Open Lagoon Closed Lagoon

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