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La Seguinière, France

Biogas plant with 54,000 tons of residual materials annually

The plant, built on the basis of a research project, is the result of a cooperation between 53 farmers. The biomethane generated is used to feed into the natural gas distribution network. 

The plant is fed with over 54,000 tons of residual materials (1,618 tons of green waste, 26,383 tons of solid manure, 25,285 tons of liquid manure and 1,000 tons of rainwater) per year. In order to minimize smell emissions, a building for the receiving and for the material management of the residual materials was built. 

The plant was designed by Naskeo Environment from France and is equipped with SUMA agitators. The installed agitators homogenize the substrate to achieve the highest possible gas yield. Six OPTIMIX submersible agitators with guide masts and six GIANTMIX rod agitators are in operation at the plant. Per hour 160 Nmof methane are produced. 

In addition to the biogas produced, 80 % of the digestate is distributed on agricultural land. The remaining 20 % is used for the production of green manure. 

Tecnical data

Pre-pit: Ø 47.6 x 19.7 ft
Fermenter: Ø 98 x 26 ft
Secondary fermenter: Ø 98 x 26 ft
Substrate: 95% Slurry
  3% Green waste
  2% Rain water
Pre-pit 4x OPTIMIX 2G 150-275
Fermenter 1x OPTIMIX 2G 150-275
Secondary fermenter: 1x OPTIMIX 2G 150-275