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Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine

27 MW biogas plant

This Ukrainian 27 megawatt biogas plant was equipped with eight SUMA submersible mixers.

The background to the construction of the plant was the search for alternative energy sources with the support of the government. The substrate is composed of sugar beet pulp, corn silage, straw, cow and pig manure, and corn residues, among others. All residues come exclusively from farms in the surrounding area. 

Eight OPTIMIX 2G 150-275 were installed in the tanks. Due to this excellent mixing performance, the submersible agitator easily copes with the high dry matter content of the substrate. 

The waste heat generated is used for the industrial drying as well as other technological processes.

Tecnical data

Pre-pit: Ø 26 x 13 ft
Fermenter: Ø 78 x 26 ft
 Substrate: Beet pulp
  Corn silage
  Cattle- und pig slurry
  Grain residues
Agitators: 8x OPTIMIX 2G 150-257