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Cremona, Italy

Homogenizing cattle slurry and agricultural by-products

The plant, installed in 2017, consists of a pre-pit, where the substrate is mixed, and a digester. The substrate consists of 70 % cattle slurry, agricultural by-products, and by-products from the production of oilseeds. It is fed into the power grid throughout the year under continuous load with only minor fluctuations. The waste heat is used for the digester and the residential building. An expansion to adjacent households is planned. 

The OPTIMIX 2G is installed in the preliminary pit. Three rod agitators stir in the digester: one GIANTMIX FR and two GIANTMIX FT with 20 hp power each. 

SUMA´s rod agitators can be operated up to 26 ft below fill level. Due to the horizontal and vertical adjustability of +/- 30° each, one can react flexibly to different substrate properties and conditions. Even fluctuatin fill levels, floating or sinking layers can be stirred in a targeted manner. Low-noise spur gears on the agitators meet the strict noise protection requirements in the densely populated region.

Tecnical data

Pre-pit Ø 26 x 13 ft
Fermenter Ø 78 x 26 ft
Substrate: 70 % Cattle slurry
  30 % Agriculture by-products
Agitators: OPTIMIX 2G