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Compact agitator with a versatile application spectrum

The compact agitator is available in two power levels (5.4 hp and 10.0 hp) and in tube lengths of 3.3 ft and 4.9 ft. The FR Light can be operated at a substrate dry matter content of up to 12% and a substrate temperature of up to 70°C. Installation depths up to 19.6 ft beneath substrate level are possible. The agitator is also approved for Ex zone 1. 
When designing and selecting the materials, the focus was on reliability and robustness. Tube and sealing plate are made of ss304 stainless steel, optionally available in ss316. The sealing plate can be selected in various preset inclination angles. Furthermore special sealing plates can be produced if required.
The agitator has a planetary gear with its own oil chamber, which additionally contributes to its robustness. Moreover the FR Light can also be installed vertically.

An oil equalizing container on the side of the electric motor is used to visually assess the condition of the agitator. This allows the condition of the silicon carbide mechanical seal to be permanently and easily checked for leaks.
Installation on new or existing tanks is simple and quick. It is completed in a few steps.
Another advantage of the FR Light is that almost all maintenance can be done from the outside without having to remove the agitator. This means that it is not necessary to open the container.

The proven SUMA POM protection can be purchased as an additional safeguard against abrasion by long-fibre materials. The protective clamp effectively prevents damage caused by abrasion under the agitator blade bush.

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