GIANTMIX FTX - Top mount version

Energy-efficient top mounted shaft agitator
Flyer FTX Top

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Technical data

Giantmix Type FTX Top mount version
Propeller speed [rpm] 160
Rated power [hp] 20
Axial force [lbf] 1,079
Frequency [Hz] 60
Propeller [in] 43.3

More product information

The shaft agitator FTX for installation from top of the tank easily masters substrates with a high dry matter content up to 15%.

The abitator has a motor power of 20 hp. An energy efficient IE4 motor with a very high efficiency of 93.3% provides the required power while ensuring energy-saving operation. 

In addition to energy efficiency, the design of the agitator was focused on maximum durability. The tube-in-tube technology makes the agitator extremely robust. The long-axis agitator is available in four lengths of 13.1' | 16.4' | 18.0' | 19.7'. This means that the FTX can be used for almost any container shape. SUMA relies on the proven 3-blade high efficiency propeller XT, which has already proven its strengths on other SUMA agitators.

POM protection and scraper plate effectively protect the agitator blade.

Application example

Tank concrete Top

Suitable for following tanks

Tank concrete Top

Suitable for