Agitator for open and closed manure tanks

More details and information about the REKORDMIX

Technical data

Rekordmix L1 L2
Rated power  6.0 hp 6.7 hp
Propeller speed 1.150 rpm 1.750 rpm
Thermal protection PTC 160°C
  • Tube diameter Ø 2.76 x 0.12'' in ss304
  • Tube lengths 7.4 / 9.0 / 10.7 / 12.3 / 13.9 ft
  • Propeller Ø 10.8'' / 9.8'', galvanized or ss304
  • With support foot or guard ring, galvanized steel or ss304
  • Shaft sealing with rotary lip-seals, optional mecahnical seal wirh SiC/SiC faces


  • Chassis wide (39.4'') or narrow (22.8'')
  • Fixed clamps for plugging
  • Suspension frame EB2 for mounting on high or steel tanks

More product information

The SUMA agitator type Rekordmix have either a 6.0 or 6.7 hp motor.

Control box:
The delivery is complete with a manual star delta switch (only at 6.7 hp) and cables.

In addition to the standard stainless steel tube, there are also options with ss304 propeller and ss304 supports.

Together with the SUMA suspension mounting frame EB2 the Rekordmix units can be used with high or steel containers. With the EB2, the agitators can be adjusted laterally and for swivel and tilt.


  • Narrow undercarriage (22.8'') or standard (39.4'')
  • Brackets for doweling
  • Hanging rack for clamping on high tanks and steel tanks
  • Propeller in ss304
  • Bearing housing with mechanical seal SiC/SiC




Application example

Tank concrete Top

Elektrorührwerk Rekordmix Elektrorührwerk Rekordmix Elektrorührwerk Rekordmix

Open Tank

Elektrorührwerk Rekordmix Elektrorührwerk Rekordmix Elektrorührwerk Rekordmix

Steel Tank

Elektrorührwerk Rekordmix

Suitable for following tanks

Tank concrete Top Open Tank Steel Tank

Suitable for