Giantmix Z3 HY stationary

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The tractor-driven agitator which is suitable for a stationary installation

More details and informations about the Giantmix Z3 HY stationary

Technical data

  • Pipe Ø 3.9 x 0.12 in, galvanized or
  • Ø 4 x 0.16 in in stainless steel ss304 or ss316
  • Pipe lengths of 6.5 - 9.8 ft
  • Propeller Ø 22 - 26 in in galvanized or ss304
  • For tractor power 95 - 175 HP
  • Installation console (for plugging or pouring)
  • Oil / pressure expansion tank
  • Rubber / compression seal (EPDM) Ø 7.8 in
  • Installation up to 20 ft below substrate level

More product informations

The PTO driven Giantmix Z3, together with a mounting bracket is suitable for stationary installation. A rubber compression seal (Ø 7.8 in) is approved for an installation depth of 20 ft. An oil pressure equalization tank is used for leak monitoring of the bearing housing. There are versions with shaft sealing rings (packing) or SiC / SiC mechanical seals. Galvanized versions are available as well as pipes and impellers in ss304 stainless steel.

Application example

Closed Tank

Rührgigant Z3 stationär

Open Tank

Steel Tank

Suitable for following tanks

Closed Tank Tank concrete Top Open Tank Steel Tank

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